Italian design is at the core This is elegance Italian Culture, the symbol of PLUSGRES.
PLUSGRES始终是意大利匠人精神的继承者,更是原创设计的深度实践者。 PLUSGRES意大利和中国的研发、设计尖端优势,成立专属产品研发设计团队,专注于高端瓷砖原创设计与工艺研究,致力从灵感原生地,采集原始素材,将当地人文历史,融入产品的设计研发之中。
800x800mm With 7 different designs, Extension is available for 800*800mm. Thanks to its large size, the slab is ideal for use in large residential and commercial spaces.
600X1200mm Routine life is matched by routine space, average personalities by average persons.
750X1500mm Delicate and simple hues, quaint and profound textures, and an ingenious grasp of details.
900X1800mm Seeking the trace, it brings back the remembrance of thing past in this very space.
Ceramic Tiles of Italy
Enjoy Your Life
PLUSGRES team was founded in Italy. PLUSGRES has been involved in product R&D and successfully achieved an increasing growth in the sale volume and market coverage all around the world.
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